Estamos sempre atentos às melhores ofertas em espectáculos populares em Londres, por isso podemos oferecer-lhe preços competitivos. Temos óptimas ofertas para tudo, de peças a musicais e grandes espectáculos, para que possamos garantir que há sempre algo para o gosto de cada um. Abaixo verá os nossos maiores espectáculos e ofertas em Londres.

A Christmas Carol with Simon Callow
Preço normal: € 42.40   Poupa: € 11.80

A Christmas Carol is of course based on Dickens’ performance with Simon Callow in the leading role. A Christmas must see for 8-88 year olds! Book your tickets here!

O nosso preço: € 29.70

Valid on all performances from 31 Dec - 12 Jan 2019.

Bill Bailey - Larks in Transit
Preço normal: € 36.40   Poupa: € 5.80

Larks in Transit is a compendium of travellers tales and the general shenanigans of twenty years as a travelling comedian. With musical virtuosity, surreal tangents and trademark intelligence, Bill Bailey ...

O nosso preço: € 29.70

Valid 19th Dec, 23rd Dec & 2nd Jan matinees. Book by 14 Dec 2018

Caroline, or Change
Preço normal: € 24.30   Poupa: € 12.00

Don’t miss the extraordinary and joyously original Musical Caroline, Or Change. This five-star, Olivier award-winning musical transfers to the West End this November.

O nosso preço: € 11.90

Valid Mon-Sat from 20 Nov to 20 Dec 2018.

Preço normal: € 60.00   Poupa: € 35.40

Enjoy Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s musical Company about life, love and marriage. Elliott & Harper Productions present this iconic musical comedy with the lead role of “Bobby” re-imagined for ...

O nosso preço: € 23.80

Valid Mon - Fri until 15 Feb 2019. Book by 31 Dec 2018

Preço normal: € 87.80   Poupa: € 12.30

Dreamgirls é um espetáculo musical único e sensacional, inspirado em R&B; e em Motown. 35 anos após sua estreia em NYC, o espetáculo chega ao West End. Esta tão esperada ...

O nosso preço: € 73.30

Valid 10-13th & 17th Dec 2018.

Pinter 5: The Room / Victoria Station / Family Voices
Preço normal: € 54.50   Poupa: € 23.90

Harold Pinter’s first play, The Room, features in a triple-bill directed by Pinter’s colleague and friend, Patrick Marber. An all-too-familiar and frighteningly topical brand of English xenophobia runs through this ...

O nosso preço: € 29.70

Valid 13 Dec 2018 - 3 Jan 2019. Book by 21 Dec 2018.

Pinter 6: Party Time / Celebration
Preço normal: € 54.50   Poupa: € 23.90

A scathing and bitterly amusing attack on the increasingly powerful and narcissistic super-rich, set against the backdrop of terrifying state oppression, the highly pertinent Party Time is paired with Harold ...

O nosso preço: € 29.70

Valid 20 Dec 2018 - 3 Jan 2019. Book by 21 Dec 2018.

Preço normal: € 36.40   Poupa: € 11.80

See the UK premiere of this retelling of a beloved family fairy tale, reimagined with lashings of magical mayhem, rocking music and supreme silliness. In this ground breaking theatrical spectacle ...

O nosso preço: € 23.80

Valid Mon-Fri from 13 Dec - 6 Jan 2019. Book by 23 Dec.

Showstopper The Improvised Musical
Preço normal: € 60.60   Poupa: € 14.20

The Showstoppers is a brand new musical, every single performance of this multi award-winning show is created from scratch! Each night, audience suggestions are instantly transformed into an all-singing, all-dancing ...

O nosso preço: € 45.00

Valid on all performances until 17 Dec 2018.

Songs for Nobodies
Preço normal: € 30.30   Poupa: € 11.90

A virtuosic performance portraying Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday and Maria Callas. On stage for 90 minutes accompanied by live musicians, Bernadette Robinson’s miraculous voice shifts from ...

O nosso preço: € 17.80

Valid all performances 11 Jan - 23 Feb 2019. Book by 31 Dec 2018

The Band
Preço normal: € 90.90   Poupa: € 38.60

Chamada especial para os amantes de Take That, que orgulhosamente apresenta seu novíssimo musical, uma bela história escrita pelo vencedor do Olivier, Tim Firth. O musical The Band é para ...

O nosso preço: € 50.70

Valid on selected performances 13 - 31 Dec 2018

The Inheritance: Part 1
Preço normal: € 84.20   Poupa: € 31.90

Matthew Lopez’s ‘extraordinary and epic’ (Sunday Times) new play, The Inheritance has opened at the Noel Coward Theatre to five star reviews. Directed by multi Olivier Award winner Stephen Daldry, ...

O nosso preço: € 50.70

Valid Mon-Fri until 29 Dec 2018. Book by 13 Dec.

The Inheritance: Part 2
Preço normal: € 84.20   Poupa: € 31.90

Following a sold-out, critically-acclaimed run at the Young Vic, Matthew Lopez's major two-part world premiere The Inheritance lands in London's West End for just fifteen weeks. Directed by multi Olivier ...

O nosso preço: € 50.70

Valid Mon-Fri until 29 Dec 2018. Book by 13 Dec.

The Messiah
Preço normal: € 66.00   Poupa: € 7.00

Three towering talents play a cast of thousands in this new comedy of Biblical proportions by the Olivier Award-winning writer of the West End hit The 39 Steps.  A travelling ...

O nosso preço: € 57.20

Valid Mon-Thu from 3-14 Dec 2018. Book by 14 Dec.

Phantom of the Opera
Preço normal: € 90.90   Poupa: € 28.00

"Phantom of the Opera" - O Fantasma da Ópera é o musical dos musicais, um espetáculo de tirar o fôlego que não pode ficar fora de sua visita a Londres. ...

O nosso preço: € 61.00

Valid Thu Matinee until 20 Dec 2018.

The Price
Preço normal: € 151.40   Poupa: € 58.80

David Suchet delivers a comic tour de force as a silver-tongued 90 year old furniture dealer in Arthur Miller’s ‘masterpiece’ (Daily Telegraph), The Price.  Two brothers , Victor and Walter ...

O nosso preço: € 89.90

Valid Mon-Fri from 5-22 Feb 2019. Book by 31 Jan.

The Wider Earth
Preço normal: € 78.70   Poupa: € 48.10

BEFORE DARWIN CHANGED THE WORLD, ONE VOYAGE CHANGED HIS LIFE. A new theatre in the Jerwood Gallery at the Natural History Museum will be unveiled for the European premiere of ...

O nosso preço: € 29.70

Valid on all performances until 24 Feb 2019. Book by 31 Dec.

The Woman in Black
Preço normal: € 33.30   Poupa: € 8.70

The Woman in Black ganha vida de forma dramática nesta adaptação de Stephen Mallatratt aos palcos. Esta aclamada obra de Susan Hill, conhecida por seu caráter fantasmagórico, continua em cartaz ...

O nosso preço: € 23.80

Valid Tue-Thu until 26 Jan 2019.

Thriller Live
Preço normal: € 87.80   Poupa: € 23.60

Autêntico "moonwalking" no West End de Londres, Thriller - Live é uma impressionante homenagem a Michael Jackson. Reserve antes de sair de casa!

O nosso preço: € 62.30

Valid Tue - Thu & Sun from 2 Oct 2018 - 13 Feb 2019

London Musical Theatre Orchestra presents A Christmas Carol

London Musical Theatre Orchestra presents A Christmas Carol

Antes do teatro
Combine a two course meal from the pre theatre menu at Fire and Stone with a ticket for A Christmas Carol at the Noel Coward Theatre.

Opções de pacote:
Valid all performances until 30 January 16

Reserva de restaurante: 18.00 , Espectáculos: 19.30

Preço do pacote: € 79.40 (Por pessoa)
42nd Street

42nd Street

Antes do teatro
Combine a two course meal from the pre-theatre menu at Boulevard Brasserie with a Balcony ticket for 42nd Street at Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

Opções de pacote:
Valid Monday - Thursday Evening

Reserva de restaurante: 6pm , Espectáculos: 7.30pm

Preço do pacote: € 40.40 (Por pessoa)

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