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Jesus Christ Superstar

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Celebrando 45 anos desde a estréia deste clássico musical de Tim Rice e Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jesus Christ Superstar retorna aos palcos de Londres em uma poderosa produção dirigida por Timothy Sheader.

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O cantor-compositor Declan Bennett, ex-membro da boy band nomeada ao British Award Point Break, e mais recentemente o ator principal do musical Once, interpreta Jesus.

Com trilha sonora lendária incluindo I Don’t Know How to Love HimGethsemane Superstar, aproveite esta narrativa épica cercado pelo belíssimo entorno do Teatro a Céu Aberto Regent's Park.

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Jesus Christ Superstar - revisõesJesus Christ Superstar - revisões

"Superstar is a must-see hit"
Daily Mail

"Certainly the best show so far this year."
Daily Mail

"This production is a work of rare mission and artistic merit"
Daily Mail

"At the moment the end came, a gust of wind blew across Regent’s Park and it was as if the trees themselves were sighing"
Daily Mail

"Declan Bennett is superb as Christ…gripped by the daunting nature of his character’s destiny"
Daily Mail

"A perfect cocktail of gritty drama and camp splendour"
Culture Whisper

"Every single member of the London-styled cast is spectacular"
Culture Whisper

"A gorgeous, thrilling, heavenly musical"
The Guardian

"Wit, lyricism and satirical bite abound in this dramatic revival of the classic rock opera with a first-rate cast"
The Guardian

"An unexpected and considerable pleasure that really rocks"
The Guardian

"A mass delirium of amplified agony and ecstasy sets in, as the beautifully lit spectacle of our bloodied saviour in his death-throes combines with the counterpointed uplift of the title number"
Daily Telegraph

"Each song is sung with such feeling that the soul of the piece, so volatile in tempo, comes roaring through"
Daily Telegraph

"Sprinkling of genius sends stylish Superstar soaring"
Evening Standard

"Timothy Sheader offers some of the most stylish direction I’ve seen all year, sculpting each segment into something distinct, vivid and compelling"
Evening Standard

"Timothy Sheader caps a fine season with an excellent production"
Andrzej Lukowski

"Both ruggedly masculine and flamboyantly fabulous"
Andrzej Lukowski

"The real find is relative newcomer (Tyrone) Huntley as Judas: his soulful howl is the most electrifying instrument in this feverishly full throttle resurrection of a classic show"
Andrzej Lukowski

"A gritty new Jesus Christ Superstar that might just be the finest musical this venue has yet produced"
Alexandra Coghlan - The Arts Desk

"Quietly cool and convincingly contemporary"
Alexandra Coghlan - The Arts Desk


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