Brassed Off: Dartford

Brassed Off: Dartford

em The Orchard Theatre

Grimley Colliery Brass band has been in existence for a century - as long as Grimley mine itself. But times are changing, and with the miners having to decide whether they should fight to keep the pit open, the future for town and band looks bleak. The arrival of flugelhorn player Gloria gives the band members' spirits a boost, and bandleader Danny exhorts them to press on in a national brass band competition. But tensions are all too evident - and whose side is Gloria really on? Staged to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the miners strike, this adaptation of much-loved Britflick of Brassed Off is directed by Damian Cruden (Director of Olivier Award winning The Railway Children) and stars John McArdle (Brookside) and Andrew Dunn (Dinner Ladies and Coronation Street). Set against the backdrop of the collapse of the mining industry in Thatcher’s Britain, Brassed Off is a moving but uplifting celebration of the power of human endeavor and creativity against adversity, that benefits hugely from the participation of Essex's real-life Thundersley Brass Band.


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